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Tui-Na / Chinese Medical Massage In Chicago Area

Chinese Medical Massage in Chicago Area

Chinese Medical Massage

Chinese Medical Massage - Tui-Na is a form of Chinese treatment, which is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is being used for over four thousand years. It is translated as "push-grasp" or "poke-pinch". In essence, it "massages" the specific acupressure points by hands. Its goal, like the rest of the Chinese methods, is the balancing of the body, which facilitates the healing process.

The first step involves the following techniques applied with different parts of the hand: brushing, kneading, rolling, pressing, tapping and rubbing the designated areas between the joints, which frees the flow of Qi in the meridians. The next step is to use different motions, traction or massage to treat the problematic condition. This special type of treatment is applied with different force ranging from light stroking to deep-tissue massage, which might be painful and is very different from the relaxation massage. It aims at balancing the flow of energy in the body. It is very useful in treating infants or elderly people but should be carefully applied because it is not an adequate treatment for every disease.

Chinese Medical Massage helps in preventing disease and also helps a person to recover after a disease. This massage technique can be used every day. Doctors of oriental medicine teach their patient how to perform Tui-Na for self-healing. Self-massaging is very helpful for people suffering from fatigue, headache, cold or daily stress.