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Dolphin Neurostim And Mps Therapy

We keep our tradition and combine the thousands of years of experience form the East and the modern health research from the West, in our treatments! This powerful combination is a game changer in the pain therapeutic modalities and many others! This alternative approach can help alleviate symptoms in conditions like acute pain, chronic pain, anxiety symptoms, and nervous system stress.

Founders provide documented 75-80 % improvement in pain relief and functional outcome.

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This therapy can be used by itself or combine with any other therapy. The Dolphine uses DC, direct current, which mems the flow of the electricity is in one direction, while the AC is the alternative current that goes back and forth and is used in the household appliances! DC is found in the nature and is the one responsible for out heart and nervous system.

The protocols to alleviate pain, reduce stress and balance your body energy are based mostly on the Eastern philosophy and acupuncture points location and role!

Dolphin Neurostim and MPS Therapy