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Acupuncture And Massage Pricing

Acupuncture initial visits60-90 min$100
Acupuncture follow-up visit45-60min$65
Package of 5 x $50 each5 visits$250
Bigger packages also available!!!
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage90 min$115
Therapeutic massage60min hands on$85
Therapeutic massage30min hands on$50
Package of 5 x $70/ visitpackage of 5$350
Bigger packages also available!!!
Acu 30 min/ massage 30 min60-80 min$100
Package of 5 visits combo 30/305 visits $400
Acu 30 min/ Massage 60 min90-120 min$120
Package of 5 visits x $100/ visit5 visits$500
Bigger packages also available!!!
Fire Cupping30 min$35
Fire Cupping add-on to the treatment30 min$20
Kinezio Taping$10
Lifewave Patches1 patch$5

Senior Citizens discount $10 per visit
Students discount $10 per visit
30 min Free Consultations Available